Product page

Sign up

Before you can start "bounzing" you will need to create an account.

We will also need to verify your email address for secuirty reasons. This means that a link will be sent to you that you have to click before you can sign in.

If you accidentally entered the wrong email address, please contact us.

Sign in

Once your email address has been confirmed you can sign in using your email address and password.

On your first login you will be asked to choose a Bounz username and from then you can also log in using your username.

Receive posts

This will be your most used page. All posts that have received will show up here. This includes both original or bounzed posts from people you follow.

Unfornately this screen will be empty until someone you follow or you yourself post something but luckily there are many other places you can find content to look at while you wait.

If you want to bounz a post just swipe right on it and if you want more details press the expand button in the right hand corner.

Your profile

By switching to the user tab, you will be presented with your public information.

Tap a value to change it or tap a number to view the relevant page if it exists. Please update your info as soon as possible because the defaults are boring!

By pressing the magnifying glass you can search for other users.

Other users

When viewing another user you will be able to see their public info and stats, (un)follow them or even direct message them.

You can view sets of posts related to other users like their sent posts by pressing the corresponding block.

You can also get to a user's page by pressing their name anywhere else in the app.

If it really comes to that you can also use this screen to block and report users.

Profile pic

By tapping on your profile picture (by default a tennis ball) you will be able to select an image and then edit it to create something awesome.

Unfortunately you will be forced to make your picture square because that is just how our system works for now.

Please change your picture, we don't want everyone to be a tennis ball!

Create posts

By switching to the posting tab, you will be able to create a new post.

Press the box to choose a picture for your post, edit it, fill in a caption and then your ready to go. If you want to post in a court, simply press the corresponding button and choose the court.

Once you're done, simply press post and in a few moments your awsome post will be live!


If you've got something to say about someone's post then feel free to comment by typing at the bottom of the post and then press the envelope to send it.

You can comment on any post, even ones that you have not received yourself!

Oh and if you want to mention someone in a comment (or a post), start typing their username prefixed by @ and you will receive a list to choose from. If you mention someone they will get notification to alert them of it.


Courts are an awesome way of grouping posts. You can search for courts by pressing "View all courts" and looking for something you like.

Before you can post in a court you will need to join it but can explore any court without joining. Some courts are restricted and this means that you will have to send a request to join and wait for the owner to accept your request before you can start posting in it.

Please try to keep the content you post in a court related to the concept behind it as laid out in its description or your posts might get reported.


Bounz allows you to send messages to users or enter into a group chat pertaining to a specific court.

Sending someone a message will immediately notify them wehereas sending a message in a court will not notify anyone unless you mention them in the message.

Unfornately messaging is pretty basic for now because we are not exactly sure what extra features will enhance the Bounz experience the most so if you have any ideas, please let us know.