About us

What is Bounz?

Bounz is a fun new way to share image-centric posts with an effectively unlimited amount of people. The basic premise is that once you post something, your followers will receive it whereafter they have the option of "bounzing" it to their followers through a fun gesture so that they too will receive it. This can theoretically continue until you have reached everyone on the platform (if your post is good enough...).

Bounz is not meant to replace any of your current social apps but rather provides an entirely new and exciting experience whereby you can create and edit awesome pics (with our even more awesome editor) or help promote the awesome pics of others.

Bounz not only introduces the concept of uhm well bounzing, but we also bring you the concept of courts! Courts are for communities and groups. Courts allow for the grouping of content related in any way you can imagine. Whether members of a res want to post together or if you just want to connect with people who share a hobby, courts are for you!

Bounz is currently in its infancy and is being developed by University of Pretoria students with a primary focus on usage by University of Pretoria students. In this first release we have focussed on what makes Bounz different and as such, some of our more common features might currently be a bit less awesome than we would like but you can expect significant improvements once Bounz gains momentum!

Who is Bounz?

We are an elite team of 4 university students with big plans and the skills to make them happen. We are based in the vibrant South African capital city of Pretoria.

Ishe Mabugu

Ishe is the man who put Bounz in motion and makes sure it keeps accelerating day after day. Ishe makes sure that our finances, policy and strategy allow us to keep propelling Bounz towards the stratospheric heights we envision. If there is a deal to be made, he will get it done.

Gerhard de Clercq

Gerhard is our local computer whisperer and lead developer at Bounz. Technical challenges are the reason he gets up in the morning and sometimes the reason he never goes to bed in the first place :). If something needs to be developed, he will find a way.

Willie Humphries

Willie is our in house marketing maestro. Willie makes sure that our videos are top notch, our revolutionary message is heard far and wide and that we reach the right people at the right time. If you've ever heard of Bounz, he is probably the reason.

Herman Lombard

Herman is the oil that keeps the gears turning in the Bounz machinery. Engineering is hard work and there is a plethora of details that need to be attended to and fixes that need to be made. If something is broken, you can be sure that he will not rest until the problem has been resolved.