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Sign in

Before you can start "bounzing" you will need to log in some way.

You can login using Facbook or Google or can can create an account with us if you prefer but there is no benefit to this.

Receive posts

This will be your most used page. All posts that have been sent to you as either originals or "bounzed" posts will show up here.

You will need to follow people and wait for activity from them for this page to become populated.

Your info

By switching to the user tab, you will be presented with your public information.

Tap a value to change it or tap a number to view the relevant page if it exists. Please update your info as soons as possible because the defaults are boring!

By pressing the magnifying glass you can search for other users.

Other users

When viewing another user you will be able to see their public info and stats or (un)follow them.

You can view sets of posts related to other users like their sent posts by pressing the corresponding block.

You can also get to a user's page by pressing their name anywhere else in the app.

Profile pic

By tapping on your profile picture (by default a tennis ball) you will be able to select an image and then edit it to be your profile pic with our awesome editor.

You will be forced to make a square picture.

Please change your picture, we don't want everyone to be a tennis ball!

Create posts

By switching to the posting tab, you will be able to create a new post.

Press the box to choose a picture for your post, edit it, fill in a caption and then your ready to go.

Just press post and in a few moments your awsome post will be live!

Bounz posts

Once you have received posts you can start "bounzing" them by pulling down on the image and then releasing it.

You can only Bounz a post once and after that you will not be able to pull down the corresponding image anymore.

You can also only "bounz" posts that you have received. This means that you will not be able to pull down images in any other page with posts.


If you've got something to say about someone's post then feel free to comment by typing at the bottom of the post. Just press the envelope to send.

You can comment on any post, even ones that you have not received yourself!

At the moment you can only see a few posts at a time and have to manually request newer or older posts by pressing the corresponding buttons but we are working on a more elegant solution...