About us

What is Bounz?

Bounz is a brand new social media app focused on settings your posts free by liberating them from the shackles of your limited following.

Who is Bounz?

We are a small team of 2 (hoping to expand) with big dreams. Bounz is based in the vibrant South African capital city of Pretoria.

Our app is progressing at a steady pace but we have now reached a point where we need some help to get a product of acceptable quality to market and it is for this reason that we are currently running an Indiegogo campaign.

Gerhard de Clercq

Gerhard (on the left) is responsible for all things on the technical and development side. An avid programmer from young, Gerhard has a passion for technology disruption and tech in general. Gerhard enjoys listening to music as well as cycling and running.

Ishe Mabugu

Ishe (on the right) is responsible for all things strategic, policy and finance related. Ishe is a keen entrepreneur and enjoys inventing new forms of technologies.Ishe is an avid cyclist and enjoys the outdoors and spending quality time with friends and family.